Strategic partnership between Blocktrade and EliteClub

Blocktrade has entered a strategic partnership with EliteClub. This new cooperation enables EliteClub members, who are mostly high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs interested in diversifying their portfolios, to access new asset classes. By using the latest technologies, including blockchain, Blocktrade – which is in the process of acquiring an investment firm license – aims to bring new opportunities to European investors through so-called Security Token Offerings and the tokenisation of existing financial instruments. By enabling the liquidity of previously illiquid assets, the investments become tradeable, which brings additional benefits to investors.

Compared to US enterprises, European companies, many of which are small and medium-sized businesses, can be disadvantaged because of the relatively slow credit and funding expansion of the banking sector. Even though the capital markets are well developed for large companies that do an IPO on one of the significant exchanges, smaller issuers cannot always access the capital markets efficiently. The partnership between Blocktrade and EliteClub aims to change that.

EliteClub members will have unique opportunities to invest in fast-growing companies that offer their securities through a growth prospectus. Companies that raise capital through the Blocktrade platform will benefit from a large pool of potential investors who might be interested in their securities offerings. By accessing deals on the Blocktrade platform, EliteClub members will have all the necessary information and disclosures and can rely on a high level of regulatory transparency, certainty, and clarity when investing in up-and-coming start-ups and SMEs. Furthermore, EliteClub members will be able to invest through a Security Token Offering (STO) in Q1 2020 in ETR AG, the company that owns Blocktrade; ETR AG itself is owned by its holding company Cryptix Holding AG, a separate legal entity.


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